Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Vegas....again! WOOT WOOT! and this past weekend!

Hey! well we are leaving for Vegas in about an hour or two to spend 6 days! we are so excited because we really have needed a vacation! Tyson sister Denver lives there so we get to go and hang out for cheap! i would be happy just to sit on her couch and do nothing! I love when there is nothing to do and nothing i have to get done! We will go boating and play the wii alot and eat lots of good food! i cant wait!
This past weekend i hung out with jocelynn sarah and my aunt karla alot! we went on saturday to just look at some cute fabric.....of course that turned into us all making purses! Aunt Karla did most of it...ok about all of it! i loved to just sit and chit chat and make jokes..... we always talk about the most interesting things! hahahah i love it! we finished my purse yesterday so that i can take it to Vegas with me! i dont think i have let it go since we got done! I LOVE IT! it is so stinkin cute! i dont have a way to post pictures up right now but i will soon! you all will want one of your own! I love them all so much from that family! they all make me feel so welcome and like i am the funnest person alive...which is funny because people tell me all the time that i am so boring now that i am married! they are my best friends!
well its time for me to go start packing for my trip! hope i dont forget anything!

the invite people send me only works for that one day then i cant see it anymore....i dont know why but it sure is frustrating!!!!


jocelynn & trim said...

we all love you too. That was too much fun the day went by way to fast. ahhhhh i loved it

Cassidee Garner said...

Ashley Don't get frustrated!!!