Friday, May 21, 2010

hello everyone

I have been getting bugged to blog again! hahah I am awful at it! I got a new phone that has the internet and I am trying to figure out how to blog from my phone. As of right now I cant! So if anyone knows how to set it up on my phone for me then I will blog all the time! I have a Blackberry. Please help me!
Drake came home from his mission on friday and it is awesome to have him home! We have been spending alot of time together trying to catch back up! He looks great and served a awesome mission! We are sending Bo out in July to the South England Mission! I am going through the temple with him tomorrow for his first time. He is so excited and really ready to go! It is weird that I will be sending out so many missionaries over the next few years! Thats what I get for marrying into a family with so many boys! It is a great thing! It is hard to see them go and have them gone but it will be so good for them!
Well I work at a plastic surgeons office now and I do all the Aesthetics for them! So if you need anything done then let me know! I do laser hair removal and everything else with the laser. Microdermabrasion, facials, chemical peels.....and so on! let me know what you need done and I can work out a price for you!
well that is it for now until someone wants to help me work blogger on my phone!


Atryell said...

I was so happy when I saw you had a new post it almost brought tears to my eyes!

Cassidee Garner said...

You work at a plastic surgeons office? Do u like it? I love ur blog!!