Wednesday, August 12, 2009

4 Years Down...Eternity to go!!!

Today is mine and Tysons 4 year anniversary! we celebrated it yesterday because tyson had to work today! i told him to try and get the 12th and the 17th off! i have a little surprise for him on the 17th! i told him if he couldnt get them both off then to get the 17th off! it will be worth it! i cant tell you what it is because then tyson will find out!

he had yesterday off so it is all ok! we had a great day yesterday! we went and got lunch at cafe rio...our latest obsession...and we took it as a picnic to the place where tyson proposed to me! we ate and then layed on our blanket under the tree for about an hour and a half just talking! i love it when we can just slow down for a minute and catch up! we both work all the time and our schedules are off so we never really get to just hang out! then we went to walmart and tried to decide if we wanted to spend our anniversary money of season 7 of 24 or not! we ended up not getting it after a long decision making process and decided to go to dinner at the new texas road house in american fork....shhhh dont tell wingers we went to there rival!!! after walmart we went home and played super nintendo and then showered and got ready for dinner! texas road house was so good! and we just went and sat at the bar so we didnt have to wait! our friend leslie works at the bar so it was nice to be able to visit and catch up with her! we couldnt believe how cheap we got out of there paying and for our portions we got! it was awesome and delis!!!!

we then went for a little drive to let our food digest!!! we came home and watched a movie and then a few episodes of the office! it was such a great night! i fell asleep on the couch during the office and tyson carried me to bed and tucked me in!

it was a great night and i am so happy that i am with the best guy in the world! i wouldnt choose any other man to be with i love him so much! he is so good to me! i couldnt ask for more!!!!

i cant wait to spend the rest of our lives together! i love you baby!!!!!


Leslie said...

yahoo! 4 years down! woah - you guys still act like newlyweds... it makes me throw up a little bit! hahah just kidding. love ya both!

Collin Loni and CY said...

Such a cute post!! Happy Anniversary!! WooHoo!!

Britni and Brett said...

Sounds like fun!!! Congrats on 4 years!!!

Vitality Spa said...

yay youre back!!! haha I stopped checking your blog there for a while. sheesh. But you sound as great as ever! happy 4th. I sure would love to get together sometime

Adam and Becky Young said...

Happy Anniversary! You two are adorable!

Steve & Amy Shumway said...

update your blog! i need to know whats going on in your life!