Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Fresh Start

Hey everyone i started a whole new blog! Not by choice but by force! blogger wouldnt let me change my primary email to my Gmail account (which i though was weird) at least i couldnt figure it out! So start following me here.. www.ashandtys2005.blogspot.com
I can now blog from my phone so maybe i will update more!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Glitter toes!!!! Who doesn't love them (well besides Suzie) they are so freakin cute!!! I have decided to start doing them! So get your girls together and lets have a Glitter Toe party! I just ordered the stuff and it should be here by the middle of next week! they are perfect for summer because they last for a long time! If you take care of them they can last you 2 months or longer! It is so nice to not have to worry about your toes when you are in flip flops all the time and you know they are cute! I have been doing Glitter toes for a little over a year and a half now and everyone seems to love them!
If you would like to schedule a party with me then comment on here or call or text me! If you get 5 people plus you to come to the party then I will do yours for free!!!!
I will be charging $20 per person! Which is a great deal because in salons they start at $30! Let me know! I know you will love them! And it would be so fun to just sit and do some girl talk while getting pretty toes!!! Have a wonderful summer!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Vegas....again! WOOT WOOT! and this past weekend!

Hey! well we are leaving for Vegas in about an hour or two to spend 6 days! we are so excited because we really have needed a vacation! Tyson sister Denver lives there so we get to go and hang out for cheap! i would be happy just to sit on her couch and do nothing! I love when there is nothing to do and nothing i have to get done! We will go boating and play the wii alot and eat lots of good food! i cant wait!
This past weekend i hung out with jocelynn sarah and my aunt karla alot! we went on saturday to just look at some cute fabric.....of course that turned into us all making purses! Aunt Karla did most of it...ok about all of it! i loved to just sit and chit chat and make jokes..... we always talk about the most interesting things! hahahah i love it! we finished my purse yesterday so that i can take it to Vegas with me! i dont think i have let it go since we got done! I LOVE IT! it is so stinkin cute! i dont have a way to post pictures up right now but i will soon! you all will want one of your own! I love them all so much from that family! they all make me feel so welcome and like i am the funnest person alive...which is funny because people tell me all the time that i am so boring now that i am married! they are my best friends!
well its time for me to go start packing for my trip! hope i dont forget anything!

the invite people send me only works for that one day then i cant see it anymore....i dont know why but it sure is frustrating!!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

hello everyone

I have been getting bugged to blog again! hahah I am awful at it! I got a new phone that has the internet and I am trying to figure out how to blog from my phone. As of right now I cant! So if anyone knows how to set it up on my phone for me then I will blog all the time! I have a Blackberry. Please help me!
Drake came home from his mission on friday and it is awesome to have him home! We have been spending alot of time together trying to catch back up! He looks great and served a awesome mission! We are sending Bo out in July to the South England Mission! I am going through the temple with him tomorrow for his first time. He is so excited and really ready to go! It is weird that I will be sending out so many missionaries over the next few years! Thats what I get for marrying into a family with so many boys! It is a great thing! It is hard to see them go and have them gone but it will be so good for them!
Well I work at a plastic surgeons office now and I do all the Aesthetics for them! So if you need anything done then let me know! I do laser hair removal and everything else with the laser. Microdermabrasion, facials, chemical peels.....and so on! let me know what you need done and I can work out a price for you!
well that is it for now until someone wants to help me work blogger on my phone!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

4 Years Down...Eternity to go!!!

Today is mine and Tysons 4 year anniversary! we celebrated it yesterday because tyson had to work today! i told him to try and get the 12th and the 17th off! i have a little surprise for him on the 17th! i told him if he couldnt get them both off then to get the 17th off! it will be worth it! i cant tell you what it is because then tyson will find out!

he had yesterday off so it is all ok! we had a great day yesterday! we went and got lunch at cafe rio...our latest obsession...and we took it as a picnic to the place where tyson proposed to me! we ate and then layed on our blanket under the tree for about an hour and a half just talking! i love it when we can just slow down for a minute and catch up! we both work all the time and our schedules are off so we never really get to just hang out! then we went to walmart and tried to decide if we wanted to spend our anniversary money of season 7 of 24 or not! we ended up not getting it after a long decision making process and decided to go to dinner at the new texas road house in american fork....shhhh dont tell wingers we went to there rival!!! after walmart we went home and played super nintendo and then showered and got ready for dinner! texas road house was so good! and we just went and sat at the bar so we didnt have to wait! our friend leslie works at the bar so it was nice to be able to visit and catch up with her! we couldnt believe how cheap we got out of there paying and for our portions we got! it was awesome and delis!!!!

we then went for a little drive to let our food digest!!! we came home and watched a movie and then a few episodes of the office! it was such a great night! i fell asleep on the couch during the office and tyson carried me to bed and tucked me in!

it was a great night and i am so happy that i am with the best guy in the world! i wouldnt choose any other man to be with i love him so much! he is so good to me! i couldnt ask for more!!!!

i cant wait to spend the rest of our lives together! i love you baby!!!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

OK OK STOP HATING ME!!!! here is your update!

OK! so its been a while since i have blogged! every now and then i have to stop for a while because it starts becoming a chore to do it! but i am back right now! so be happy for now!
well the past few months have brought some intresting surprises!!!! but they are making us who we are! we did move out and we are loving our new place!!! it is nice to be on our own! we were so excited to not be living with people anymore after living with my family for 2 years! then some family stuff came up and tysons sister Denver and her 2 kids easton and olivia moved in with us for the summer! it hasnt been to bad! i love denver and her kids to death and we all get along great! i just with that i had a bigger place so we wouldnt be in such tight quarters! i dont know when they will be going back to las vegas yet but they are welcome to stay as long as they need too....thats what family is for right!!!!

work has been busy and is now starting to slow up again going into the fall and winter! but its ok! im just keeping the faith!

tyson is starting school in a few weeks at uvu! i am so proud of him! he will do great! he is so smart and a very fast learner!!!! i dont worry at all!

Blake and shauni had a beautiful baby boy on july 6th his name is linkin chance! he is so cute and when i hold him i never want to give him up! i am so happy for them! here is a picture of their whole family together!

on the 7th of july tyson grandmother passed away! she was a wonderful woman and we will all miss her so much! she touch all of our lives in different ways and we will never forget her! we are greatful for our religion and the knowledge that we will be with her again! it gives us all peace and helps us to keep going on! i cant imagin not knowing that and having a death in the family! it wouldnt be right to not ever see our loved ones again!

i went to a concert with misty and that was a blast! we went to go see incubus! it was such a great concert! she is such a good friend and i am greatful to have her in my life! we have so much fun together! we dont see eachother as much as i would like too but it is nice to know that she is there for me always! love you misty!!!
then...it was my birthday on the 20th of july! i turned 22 years old! it was a very fun day! we went to 7 peaks in the morning with friends and family! then we went to olive garden that night with more friends and family! it was a great birthday! tyson spoiled me like he always does! he is such a good man and i am so happy that i have him for time and eternity! he makes me so happy everyday and take good care of me! i wouldnt give him up for anything!

now we are just trying to adust to life again! it is our 4 year aniversary on wednesday! i cant believe it has been 4 years! tyson has to work on wednesday so we are celebrating on tuesday! we arnt doing anything to exciting we are broke but denver and the kids went to las vegas till thursday so we are enjoying an empty house for the week! that might be the best aniversary gift ever! not that we dont love them here but it is nice to have an empty house for a minute!

My beautiful cousin Myndi had her baby on august 7th! Jaxon James! he is so cute and myndi did it all natural! she is so brave and she did so well!! they will be the best parents and i am so happy for them! i hope our once a week wingers tradition will still be going on! i have enjoyed there company lately!!! i love Ty and Myndi so much and i am so proud of them! congratulations you guys!

now jumping back a little bit! myndi had her baby shower on august 1st! it was a fun shower and aunt karla did such a great job on it! she always does! she is an amazing party planner!!!
after the shower me jocelynn sarah and myndi met at my house to make some hair flowers! ty tagged along and i put on office space to entertain him while we were doing our girl thing! it was so much fun i am so happy they came over! i love our girl time! thanks for being such a good sport ty!
ps. sarah was there she just refused to be in any of our pictures! i dont know why because she is so beautiful always!!!! but thats ok! we will get her next time!

well there is your update! hope it is satisfying enough for now! i will try and be better! no promises though! hehehe love you all

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lots has happened...but most exciting im moving into my own house TOMORROW!

Well..... Vegas was aweosme! wish i was still there! best thing ever! i am moving tomorrow! we are moving into some apartments behind Macy's in PG! we couldnt be any more happy! it will be so good for us to be "on out own" again! and we have a lot of people that are so nice and willing to help! we have such good friends! my first priority is to get my bed over there and set up so i can at least know i have somewhere to put my sad tired body after a long days of hard work! i am going to take pictures so you all can see it! just so you know i will have my own esthetics room in my house so you all can come get waxed! it will be so much fun! i am so excited to just decorate and make it my own! i dont even remember what i really have anymore it has been so long since i have seen it all! it will be like the best day ever. it will be like i am opening an awesome present everytime i unpack...and the best part is..is that i know i will love every gift because it was already mine in the first place! hahah i cant wait to have you all over for dinner or something when i get all settled in! and if anyone has an extra couch laying around...i need one desprately! hahahahahahaha well im off to bed we are starting at 8 in the am...yes that is right...i forgot that time even existed but i will slap me right in the face tomorrow! goodnight! YAY